COOL JAPAN PARK TT hall Program "energy"

"energy" is a muscle musical that was born in 2001.They said “people are touched by people”. They don't use flashy outfits or big gimmicks.This entertainment show is called a muscle musical, and there are no dialogue. Athletes perform using their own bodies!!
youtube video
energy website
infomation:  Ticket YOSHIMOTO(Japanese) 0570-550-100(10:00~19:00)


COOL JAPAN PARK TT hall Program "What Will Have Been"

CiRCA is comming from Australia! Finally, "What Will Have Been" will make its Japanese premiere on 13th September at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA. Circa Contemporary Circus is one of the world’s leading performance companies. Dont't miss it!
13th Sep - 18:00~ / 14th Sep - 14:00~ / 15th Sep - 14:00~ / 16th Sep - 14:00~
Japan tour website (Japanese)
CiRCA web site



Don't miss The AVATAR-TAINMENT! Your avatar dances on the screen!
Scan you with the latest Japanese 3D body scanner and Your avatar appears on the screen!
Nationality, age or gender does not matter! Let's dance together!
Also, The host is GAMARJOBAT who is the Edinburgh Fringe and the Brighton Festival winner!
schedule check out >here

Facility Introduction

A new theather facility for attracting visitors open in February 2019!
World-class theater entertainment is coming to Osaka!

As part of Osaka’s efforts in creating an entertainment HUB, a new entertainment facility ‘COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA’, which consists of the “WW Hall”, “TT Hall” and “SS Hall” theatres, will be opening in Osaka Castle Park in February 2019!

Since April 2015, the Park Management Office (PMO) has worked to make Osaka Castle Park even more alluring with the creation of convenient new facilities such as JO-TERRACE OSAKA and MIRAIZA OSAKA-JO last year, drawing many visitors to the park. It is here in Osaka Castle Park, as part of the PMO enterprise, that a fresh and exciting facility for fostering excitement and creativity will be born.

This new facility will support a state-of-the-art environment with 3 theaters, making possible for the staging of various generes of entertainment. These 3 theaters will each have different capacities ranging in sizes from small, medium to large. Focusing our theme on providing world-class entertainment, we aim to increase both domestic and international tourism to Osaka Castle Park. Furthermore, in addition to improving the draw of Osaka as a global tourism and entertainment city, we aim to contribute to the economic and industrial growth of Osaka and the Kansai Region, and to operate a facility loved by everyone, with emphasis on the harmony between nature and greenery.



Osaka-shi Chuo-ku, Osaka Castle
Closest station Hall WW Hall TT Hall SS
Morinomiya Station on the JR Loop Line7 minutes on foot7 minutes on foot6 minutes on foot
Morinomiya Station on the Osaka
Municipal Subway Chuo Line
Morinomiya Station on the Osaka
Municipal Subway Nagahori Tsurumi-
Ryokuchi Line(Exit 1, Exit 3-B)
5 minutes on foot5 minutes on foot4 minutes on foot
Osaka-jo Park Station on the JR Loop Line6 minutes on foot6 minutes on foot7 minutes on foot
Kyobashi Station on the JR Loop Line18 minutes on foot18 minutes on foot19 minutes on foot
Kyobashi Station of Keihan Electric Railway19 minutes on foot19 minutes on foot20 minutes on foot
Osaka Municipal Subway NagahoriTsurumi-
Ryokuchi Line
Osaka Business Park Station
(Exit 1)
13 minutes on foot13 minutes on foot14 minutes on foot